Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions our new customers often ask:

Q. How is professional carpet cleaning different than doing it yourself?
A. Though many of the machines that are offered for rental are advertised as professional grade, they usually don't have the same extraction power as true professional equipment. Most often, these rental models are designed to remove the obvious soil and dirt that sits on the top layer of carpeting. However, testing has shown that these models do nothing to remove the heavy soil that lingers under the surface. DIY models can also leave moisture in the carpet, creating a breeding ground for bacteria as the carpet dries.

Q. What is commercial carpet upkeep?
A. Commercial carpet upkeep is a program, developed with a business owner, to keep the carpets in a commercial location in optimal shape and get the most life out of the carpet. Carpet upkeep can include regular cleaning treatments, stain removal and repair. The program can vary greatly depending on the type of carpet in the location, age of the carpet, and the business owner's long term goals.

Q. What are the added benefits of professional carpet cleaning?
A.  In addition to your carpet looking cleaner, professional grade carpet cleaning equipment heats water to the temperature needed to kill germs and bacteria, another reason professional equipment is superior to do it yourself equipment. Professional treatments have been found to kill bacteria and germs, improving the air quality in the home.